10 Things To Know About The New Rolls Royce Ghost

I drove a new Rolls Royce Ghost recently. The entry-level Roller is without a doubt the finest car I’ve ever been in or driven. But here are 10 things you should know about it.

1. It cost more than my house – (in all defense I don’t usually like to spend much on houses because that cuts into my car budget.)

2. The sales tax and plates alone here in Nevada would amount to enough money to buy:

a. Countryman Mini
b. Mustang
c. Camaro

3. The car comes with umbrellas built into the side of the door so you never get wet leaving the car.

4. It runs the quarter mile within a second of several Lambos.

5. While most of us in the USA called them “Rollers” in London they are always referred to as Royces.

6. The car is top to bottom completely hand built.

7. The Royce air conditioner is the most powerful in any car with the power of 30 or more refrigerators. The vented seats also blow air conditioned air as opposed to merely circulated air.

8. Engineers have designed the Ghost so that you “step onto” not “into” the car.

9. The Ghost weights 5500 pounds but it’s 8-speed gearbox and twin-turbo V12 still help it deliver 0-62 MPH in under 4.9 seconds.

10. Despite the fact that Rolls Royce is an old-line, conservative brand, its Ghost has some of the most modern technology available in an automobile including infra-red night vision, heads up display, lane departure warning, active cruise control, 360 degree camera.

Well-optioned, the Ghost sells for $305,000 to $315,000. I’ll take two please!