I’m Going To Stop Covering So Many “Halo” Cars

It’s my form of protest. Nobody will care. Nothing will change. But I’ll feel better. I am so sick and tired of getting press releases from auto manufacturers about this or that special car, only to come to find out nobody in my audience will actually be able to buy one. What’s the point?

Audi for instance is bringing over the TT – RS. It looks like an amazing car. But I’ll never know for sure. They’re only selling 200 RS units in the USA. Let me translate that for you. That means about 50 will never sell to a retail customer because dealership owners will buy them for personal or family use. Of the 150 remaining units, 100 or so will be snapped up buy wealthy, long-term repeat Audi customers. MAYBE 50 will be sold to regular people – and those who are willing to pay a silly amount of money over MSRP for the honor. Since you or I may never even see one of these cars on a showroom floor, I don’t see any point in covering them.

You can’t buy a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster. Heck, in Vegas, you can’t even buy a lowly, over-priced Dodge Charger SRT8 – unless you’re willing to pay $20,000 over MSRP – yep $20,000. (Thanks “Chopper” for making the car business look smarmy.)

I had a friend who was excited by a Range Rover’s ad for the Evoke. He was bummed when he found out it isn’t really available. He then thought he’d try the new Jaguar XKRS. He can’t find one.

Over and over I see these amazing brochures that cost big bucks to print touting a new halo car. I see wonderfully thought-out and executed television commercials for the star cars. Then I try to find a dealer who actually has one and who will sell it without gouging the buyer. Nothing. Nada. Bupkis.

Enough! I guess this works for the manufacturers on some level. They want to keep certain cars special. I suspect the theory is that you’ll come looking for a TT – RS and settle for a regular TT. Not me. In fact, this is having the opposite impact on me. The manufacturers are building bad blood with me. If you advertise something that I can’t buy, all it does is piss me off. So reconsider folks. You in the car sales business or not? Then sell some cars. You have a factory – if you run out – make more. Seems simple to me!