Gloss It – Gloss Enhancer Quick Detailer

I’m a clean car nut. My cars are always clean. I have them detailed – and I mean DETAILED (with major paint correction) on a regular basis. Most of my cars are detailed two to four times a year and have a mini detail another 12-18 times a year.

I have literally tried every single car care product known to man. From the big names like Meguiars, to Griots, to Adams Polish, etc., etc., etc. You name it I’ve tried it.

I generally have my cars professionally detailed but in between I actually enjoy cleaning the cars myself. It’s kind of a Zen thing – wax on – wax off. But I digress…

My preferred method of car care is to simply wipe the dust off in between washes and then hit the car with a nice coat of detail or finishing spray. I use a special SUPER soft premium microfiber towel that is extra scratch resistant. I simply draw the towel lightly across the car removing dust. I shake out the towel and repeat. Then using a different super soft towel, I apply a detail spray.

Now here is an area where I have literally decades of experience. I’ve used more than 50 products to accomplish this job. I am happy to report that most of these products are very good. It’s pretty hard to buy a very bad product. But there are some that are better than others and ONE – that simply stands out above the rest.

It’s from Gloss It and it’s called the Gloss Enhancer. It’s a quick detailer that really works without scratching or marring the finish. The Gloss Enhancer Contains 5% (NSAP) Nano Synthetic Advanced Polymer & UV-SORB sun protection which provides protection against extreme temperatures, salt and moisture.

With that in mind, here’s the really good news. The product sprays on easy. You can leave it sit for five to 10 seconds. It won’t stain or streak like most other detailers I’ve used. It actually soaks into small nooks and crannies and gets them clean. It WILL remove soapy and waxy film as well as polish. The polymer included in the finisher also acts like a mini-wax job and water and bug repellant. The product evaporates quickly – if you apply it properly, it leaves the car looking like smooth, shiny glass. Speaking of glass, the Gloss-it product also works on windows, wheels and rubber or black plastic. With this product I am able to spend 10-15 minutes and make my car look like it was just professionally waxed. I’ve truly never seen anything that works this well.

I am a big fan of that “wet look” you get from a professional detail. I was really hoping this product would live up to the hype and it does.

I am not sure how many local detail shops sell this product but it is available directly from Gloss-it on their web site.

Until I find something better, Gloss It is officially the only product that I will ever use on any of the cars in the BMG fleet.

Highly recommended.