10 Tiny Bits of Automotive News – February 13, 2013


1. Chevy Malibu sales aren’t what GM hoped for so the company is reducing prices to as low as $23,150 MSRP to generate more interest in the car.

2. Chevy has abandoned it’s “Run Deep” slogan in favor of “Find New Roads.” I always liked the Run Deep commercials. The new slogan debuts along with the new C7 Corvette ad.

3. US Mercedes Benz fans are groaning at the new that the new CLA Edition 1 will be sold exclusively in Europe.

4. Our favorite car-related commercial “So God Made A Farmer” got Dodge Ram trucks a lot of notice. But it also helped a very worthy organization. The Future Farmers of America got a cool $1 million as a result of a charity drive tied to the ad.

5. In case you are the kind of person with lots of time on your hand, good news – the Monopoly race car piece was NOT cut from the game. The poor iron wasn’t so lucky and got the boot in favor of a new cat piece.

6. Jaguar is now showing the F-Type to journalists. The preproduction cars are on tour and will start to appear in US showrooms (for ordering purposes only) later this month. Jaguar announced that the coupe version of the F-Type won’t ship until 2014.

7. You may have thought we were done with Corvette C7 news but you were wrong. GM has promised it’s staging the world premiere of the model’s convertible version at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

8. If you want the cheapest car to own, Kelly Blue Book says that at the brand level, Mazsa and Lexus earn the crown when it comes to five year costs.

9. If you had your heart set on a new 2013 Range Rover you better have already put your money down. Land Rover says the car is sold out (pre-order) for at least six months and maybe a year. Ummm can’t you guys make more?

10. Automotive News Europe says Honda’s sales in Europe are so bad that it will cut 800 workers from the Swindon, England plant that builds the CR-V, Civic and Jazz (a.k.a. Fit).

Bugatti Says It Has The Fastest Roadster Ever

Bugatti says the Vitesse has 1,200 horsepower. Officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last week, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse is a Grand Sport with the engine from the Super Sport (the record-holding top-speed model). That means a quad-turbo W-16 engine with 1,200 horsepower, good for a 255 mph top speed with the wind in your hair.

This car is incrementally faster than the 253 mph top end of the “base” Veyron, yet slower than the 267 mph of the Super Sport with the same engine and a fixed roof. Crucially, however, it’s faster than the 229 mph top end of the 1,001hp Veyron Grand Sport roadster.

10 Tiny Bits Of Automotive News – February 28, 2012

1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered Honda to recall some of its previous-generation Odyssey minivans due to potentially faulty gas-filled struts on vehicles equipped with a power rear liftgate. A total of 45,747 vehicles are affected by this recall, all of which are from the 2008 and 2009 model years.

2. Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler ad was the top viewed on YouTube. This will drive the haters insane.

3. Dodge has launched a new Dodge Dart configurator – - this trend is a good one. It allows customers to customize their own car. Now – all they have to do is find a dealer who won’t gouge them when they try to actually buy it.

4. Jaguar has managed to find a way to make the very sexy 2012 Jaguar XK even sexier with the new XK Artisan edition. It has polished 20-inch wheels and special leather seats and special colors. It adds $19k to the price.

5. According to The Detroit News – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating a number of vehicles for potentially faulty side airbags. The defective hardware has found its way into models from Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Nissan.

6. American Honda is recalling some 8,709 crossovers due to a possible fuel leak. The 2012 Honda Pilot and its upscale platform-mate, the Acura MDX, are affected by this recall, which is expected to begin in mid-March.

7. Mercedes-Benz is integrating the iPhone and the iPhone 4s feature called Siri into it’s new A-Class and will show it all off at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. At this time this is a European-only option.

8. Volkswagon says it more than doubled it’s profit with a 15% sales gain in 2011.

9. Goodyear is recalling 40,914 Wrangler Silent Armor tires manufactured in 2009. According to the manufacturer, the tread may separate from the rest of the tire under “severe conditions.”

10. The redesigned 2013 Acura RDX is headed to dealers this spring, and when it arrives, it will carry a base manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $34,320, plus a destination fee of $885.