You Need An In-Car Dash Cam

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of shady folks. Whether it’s the bump and run specialists who back into your car on the freeway on purpose in order to get a phony insurance settlement – or cops who decide that during your diabetic coma the best way to treat you is to pull you out of your car and beat you senseless, having a video recording of what happened may be the best defense you have.

I recently installed Car Accident Vehicle Camera Video Recorder Dvr + Rear Mirror in one of my cars and so far, I find it to work just fine. Whether it’s the KiWAV or something similar, you should strongly consider this form of protection.

In Henderson, NV where I live, local cops beat a diabetic man senseless by the side of the road. A Nevada Highway Patrol dash cam recorded the event so the man eventually got some justice, although the cop who beat him still has a job. The patrol had a dash cam and they did not think to turn it off before the beating. But not all cop cars carry dash cams. Las Vegas Metro police are fighting against dash cams in their cars because they don’t like the possibility that someone will be able to hold them accountable. So it’s up to you and me as the motorist to record the action so that – God forbid – you get mugged by a cop or a crook, you have evidence that saves you later in court.

Spending a few hundred dollars now might save you thousands later.