2012 Chicago Auto Show News

The 2012 Chicago Auto Show press days have come and gone. I didn’t make the show in person but I had a friend go and scope it out. Here’s a quick roundup.

It’s a much smaller show than the Detroit, New York or L.A. auto shows, but there was still plenty of excitement. There were 18 significant reveals at the show. That’s not nearly as many as we saw in Detroit but there were some very interesting cars.

In no particular order…

1. Ford showed off the Shelby GT500 convertible. It’s electronically limited to 155 MPH but looks like it COULD go as fast as its 200 MPH coupe counterpart.

2. Believe it or not Ford also showed off a 1933 Mustang SVT Cobra-R – it looks VERY cool still.

3. VW showed the 2.0-liter turbo diesel version of the Bug in the 2013 Beetle TDI.

4. Acura has been having a tough time lately, but the Acura ILX is a much better choice than its Civic counterpart. Who knows if it will sell, but it looks like it’s a step in the right direction.

5. The best looking concept at the show was Kia’s Track’ster. It is what the Soul SHOULD have been. It has a bit of Mini/Fiat flavor to it and the three-door body is cool. Reaction from all corners has been positive to this car so I guess that means Kia won’t ever put it into production. Because that’s how that stuff just goes.

Auto shows are fun. But once you’ve seen one, you’ve kind of seen them all. I try to limit myself to one or two a year. I question why we need so many, but as long as they have these shows I’ll cover them.